Smart user experience monitoring to enhance the performance of digital services

Proactive user performance alerting

Instant resolution andproactive optimization

Warn your team in real time of any performance issue and help them fix it

Shorten the time to market for your app

Shorter time to marketfor your apps

Get to an optimal performance from day 1 thanks to recommendations based on best practices

Take your digital apps at global scale

Performance at global scale

Benchmark experience against your peers and make the best decisions to maximize performance wherever your users are located

Self deployed digital performance monitoring

Zero touch deploymentand maintenance

Get instant visibility on the digital experience of your users with no resources or skills required


Traditional vs Modern application

Traditional application performance monitoring is not fit
for modern and cloud based applications

Tooling complexity

Multiple monitoring tools required

Traditional performance monitoring requires multiple tools: APM either synthetic and agent based do not cover the impact of networks on the user experience and traditional NPMD is unfit for cloud based and internet facing applications.

Unified performance visibility

Modern performance monitoring platforms correlate multiple performance data sources into a single analytics platform to give a 360° view of digital performance and streamline the resources and skills required to deliver first call user experience.

Time to resolution

No root cause analysis capability

Traditional performance monitoring solutions generally provide an overview of the user experience; some of them bring application transaction visibility, but they do not deliver actionable path to root cause analysis in case of degradation.

Guided and proactive diagnostics

Modern experience monitoring platform leverage AI to guide your team to the root cause: alert them of any degradation, pinpoint their scope and give actionable insights to optimize performance and resolve issues within minutes.

Cloud based platforms

Unfit for modern applications

Traditional APM solutions are unsuitable for cloud based, distributed and container based infrastructures.

Native cloud design

Next Generation DEM solutions are designed to be used in hybrid, cloud based and distributed application platforms. Wherever you run your application, these DEM solutions require no change or significant implementation time to get working.

High maintenance cost

High expertise, high workload

Traditional APM solutions are long to deploy and require massive configuration and maintenance efforts to test applications.

No skills, no resources required

Modern DEM solutions are auto deployed and adapt their configuration automatically to follow the continuous releases of your applications.

Kadiska : The next generation of Digital Experience Monitoring

User experience monitoring platform natively built for modern applications

Smart digital performance monitoring


Fix performance degradations faster with an automatic detection of the scope, fault isolation and root cause analysis

Proactive user performance alerting


Anticipate experience degradations before business is harmed with proactive end user experience alerting

Take your digital apps at global scale


Ensure consistent experience by benchmarking performance against your peers powered by hundreds of probes worldwide

Self deployed digital performance monitoring

Self driving

No resources or skills required thanks to a zero touch deployment and fully automated maintenance

Understand the benefits of DEM

Kadiska = DEM for modern digital platforms

Digital platforms rely on cloud providers and operators for their infrastructure needs but need to control the user behavior and experience. Most legacy performance monitoring tools (APM, NPMD, EUEM) struggle with:

Modern Applications

Monitor digital experience for modern internet facing applications (relying on microservices, cloud, edge computing, CDNs, etc.)

Agile and CI/CD

Monitor end user performance in agile environments (using CI/CD) where applications are constantly changing

Internet Reachability

Troubleshoot performance issues for applications with a worldwide audience

Focus DevOps on the right spot

Optimize the end user experience: make sure your DevOps effort improves end user response times

IoT Visibility

Gain visibility on the communications between connected devices and your platform

Software as a Service

Monitor the experience of my internal users connecting to SaaS and cloud services

Who do we help?

Kadiska addresses the experience problems in different environments and offers a targeted service corresponding to each use case

SRE and DevOps

Monitoring user behavior and experience, fixing degradations and finding opportunities for optimization.

IT Operations

Enhance digital experience for their customers and the best possible SaaS performance for their own users.

Service Providers

Optimize your customers’ cloud connectivity and the internet reachability of your cloud platform.

IOT Providers

Ensure optimal communication performance between IOT devices and cloud based platforms.

SaaS Providers

Monitor the experience of users on your SaaS platform, reduce MTTR and optimize cost and performance.

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