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Kadiska provides a real time visibility of performance degradations on network paths inside your private networks, towards your datacenters, clouds and SaaS applications.

You can receive alerts, troubleshoot degradations and identify the part of the network path which is faulty and optimize your network architecture.

Why do you need a new approach to network performance monitoring? 

Challenges: increasing complexity and hybridization of public and private networks

DIgital transformation has revolutionized the scope and frontiers of corporate networks:

  • SaaS adoption has extended the use of public networks beyond web browsing.
  • SDWAN adoption has made private networks (overlay) dependent of public networks (underlay).
  • The multiple options to connect cloud and SaaS environments has boosted the complexity of the flow matrix of most enterprises.
  • Remote working (WFH Working from home) accelerated by the COVID pandemy, has placed internet connectivity, Secured Web Gateway (SWG) and other third-party services like CDNs at the core of users’ productivity.

Traditional NPMD (Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostic) solutions are designed for private network infrastructures, whose architecture and capabilities are outdated by this new paradigm. 

Kadiska brings a new response to the need for network performance visibility at the cloud age.

Kadiska delivers a complete visibility of network performance in modern platforms:

  • Reachability of your resources from Internet (applications, remote access gateways, etc.) from hundreds of stations instantly available as a service.
  • Monitoring of the network connectivity to SaaS applications and public clouds, thanks to Enterprise stations deployed as a container or a small form factor device.
  • 360° discovery of hybrid networks: remote users to SaaS and secured access gateways, on-premise to SaaS, on-premise to public cloud and cloud to cloud.

Kadiska allows you to troubleshoot, monitor and optimize networks where NPMD tools leave your team with blind spots.

How can you use Kadiska to monitor the performance of your hybrid network? 

Kadiska provides evidence on the performance of your networks in the following cases:

  • Connectivity to SaaS and Cloud services
  • Quality of IP / Internet transit (incoming and outgoing)
  • Connectivity of remote workers towards their WFH digital workspace (gateways, cloud Secured Web Gateways, SaaS applications)
  • Network connectivity of your on-premise datacenters and cloud platforms from Internet
  • Hybrid connectivity between on-premise and cloud 

Network path for user to your platform

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