What’s at stake

Digital transformation is putting massive stress on the environment and duties of IT teams.


of businesses will rely solely on SaaS / Software as a service in 2020 (source)


of the surveyed organizations said that they expected at least 80 percent of their software needs to be met by SaaS after 2022. (source)


of enterprises already leverage cloud hosting (IaaS / Infrastructure as a service + PaaS / Platform as a service)

SDWAN’s adoption has increased from 35% to 54% from 2017 to 2019 (source)

SaaS and Cloud services remain uncovered by traditional network performance monitoring

It also raises massive challenges for performance monitoring:

  • Network monitoring at the cloud age? Traditional NPM (Network Performance Monitoring) has not been designed to track the use of public networks and cloud path.
  • SaaS performance monitoring from inside the Enterprise perimeter and in home office conditions is a gap in user experience monitoring.
  • The absence of control of the network and system stacks in IaaS and PaaS makes the application of traditional performance management (APM, NPM) impossible.

The traditional performance monitoring tools used by IT teams leaves the majority of their applications and users uncovered.

User performance for SaaS and cloud services


The new possibilities offered by cloud hosting and public networks bring massive business benefits and huge monitoring challenges for IT teams.

  • How to monitor applications accessed by remote workers?
  • How do I manage the performance of cloud based applications accessed through DIA / Direct internet access and local internet breakouts?
  • How to monitor 3rd cloud services and SaaS applications?
  • How to monitor the services my organization is hosting in an hybrid cloud or in traditional data centers?

To bring visibility on the experience of internal users and customers, IT teams have to overcome the limits of traditional performance monitoring:

  • Encrypted traffic hiding applications in the network traffic
  • Unpredictable network path to the cloud
  • No control on the system stack forbidding the deployment of agents

What will Kadiska offer?

Unlike your traditional NPM and APM solutions, Kadiska has been designed for cloud native applications and services. Your team regains control on SaaS applications and cloud native applications.

  • Network path visualization from your remote users to your SaaS applications
  • Monitor SaaS experience from any place
  • Monitor your SDWAN performance as a whole

Visibility on user experience any time

  • Understand usage patterns (where, volume, what transactions are they using, overall performance)
  • CDN / Content delivery network, 3rd party resources, application resources
  • Page load time drivers
  • Performance contributors
  • Resources
  • Errors
  • Where your users and your digital platform is performance being degraded
  • Proactive alerting powered by a global network of performance stations
  • Guided troubleshooting
  • Enhance user experience
  • Benchmark your performance against your peer
  • Get recommendations for better CDN, hosting options based on where your users are located

What’s unique about Kadiska?

Kadiska can monitor the experience of your SaaS users wherever they are:

Track performance from remote locations whichever connectivity they are using (local breakout, MPLS, DIA, SWGaaS…)

Understand any infrastructure factor impacting performance: DNS, Local connectivity, Internet/Cloud path

Track any degradation in the SaaS infrastructure


Kadiska is natively designed for modern application and digital platforms and will deliver experience visibility in a way that:

Optimize time to market

Kadiska is so simple to deploy that it will not require resources to deploy. Your team will be able to focus their efforts on what’s required to deliver the right user experience.

Focus on app development

Kadiska can be managed through tools your SRE/DevOps team is already familiar with, adding no workload for them.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI CD)

Kadiska automatically adapts to the changes made to your application. You simply do not have to care about it.

Global Footprint

Kadiska’s global network of performance stations makes sure your application is delivered with the best possible experience from any place on the globe.

Cover the complete delivery chain for your cloud native apps

Kadiska brings visibility on all the layers involved. End user devices, DNS, CDNs, 3rd party resources, Internet connectivity, cloud provider and application) and their respective impact on Digital Experience.

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