What are the problems solved by Kadiska?

Traditional performance monitoring struggle to address the SD-WAN and Cloud connectivity.

Kadiska delivers full path visibility on public and complex networks
Services running on public networks and running over the networks of multiple organizations (enterprise, SD-WAN, MSP, cloud provider, etc.) can see the path and network performance change frequently. 

Kadiska brings 100% clarity on SD-WAN and Cloud infrastructures
SD-WAN and cloud access often run on multiple underlays. Kadiska can provide a visibility of both underlays and overlay and help track changes in their behavior and performance. 

Kadiska monitors all aspects of a multi cloud / hybrid cloud infrastructure
A multi cloud infrastructure can mix many different platforms (SaaS providers, Cloud service providers, on-premise datacenters, 3rd party services). The connectivity that link them together consists of many possible paths and underlays. Kadiska keeps track of how each of them affect network performance. 

What Kadiska offers

End to end network performance

Kadiska keeps track of essential connectivity performance analytics like: 
  • Network latency
  • Packet loss
  • Number of hops and route length

Continuous network path monitoring

  • Continuous tracking of network path
  • Full history recording and correlation to network performance
  • BGP / AS routing monitoring
  • Full discovery of SD-WAN path (overlay and underlay)

Performance fault isolation

  • Instantly identify paths which deliver poor performance
  • Point the devices on the path where latency and packet loss indicates signs of congestion or fault

Global scale performance station network

  • Hundreds of stations deployed all over the world
  • Vantage points representative of major telecom providers used in all major countries
  • Instant configuration to test the reachability of your clouds and datacenters

Instant deployment of customer stations

  • Deployment models (Container, Virtual Machine, Small form factor, NFV deployment)
  • Low resource requirement
  • Orchestrable through Kadiska's API

Pay per use licensing model

  • Deploy as many stations and targets as required
  • Pay only for the tests you have to perform

What’s unique about Kadiska?

Kadiska can monitor the connectivity of your multi cloud and hybrid infrastructure.

Hundreds of test stations worldwide

Start testing the reachability of your platform (hosted in the cloud or your AS) from hundreds of locations

Global performance testing infrastructure

Network path monitoring

  • Tracking of DNS resolution
  • Tracking of all paths taken to reach a target
  • Tracking of the AS path
  • Full history and correlation between path and performance

Kadiska network path monitoring

Flag performance hogs instantly

Discover immediately congestion and faulty devices on the path.

Identify performance hogs on the path
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