Running performance diagnostic is more complex than ever!

Applications are accessed through many layers of infrastructure, provided by many different players while most of them behave in a dynamic way.
This makes performance troubleshooting harder than ever.

Dynamic behaviors everywhere

Most of these elements have dynamic behaviors, depend on the overall use of the infrastructure and can be a congestion point.

In this context, it is hard for your team to track each one’s influence on the digital experience. Isolating faults and differentiating between a normal trend and abnormal behavior remains difficult.

Running a root cause analysis – RCA also remains a challenge.

The time needed for your team to resolve performance degradations drives the conversion and churn rates of your digital business

  • Shorten your Main Time to Resolve performance degradations (MTTR)
  • Reduce the impact
  • Spot where to invest to improve your user's digital experience

Allow your team to isolate performance faults in minutes

Kadiska tracks the experience of all your users and automatically tests all the layers from hundreds of performance stations around the globe.
Kadiska performs guided troubleshooting powered by a powerful analytics platform and artificial intelligence powered automated analysis.

  • Warn your team of any abnormal behaviors thanks to automated baselines and peer benchmarks.
  • Automatically identify the scope of the degradation (which region, ASN, type of user agent, transaction and resource are impacted).
  • Smartly point to the root cause of the degradation (DNS, CDN performance, network path, latency or quality, the performance of your edge computing, platform as a service or infrastructure as a service)

Its guided troubleshooting capabilities make sure your team understands what needs to be fixed within a single look. This saves your company precious hours and days of high quality digital service delivered to your customers. 

Spot the scope of your performance degradations instantly

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