Does running in the cloud mean a consistent worldwide experience?

Unfortunately taking a digital business to a global scale is not as simple as it seems. While cloud service providers deploy more regions year after year, all of their offering is not yet uniform worldwide.

You could choose to use all the regions offered by your CSP.
Besides the money investment required, would it guarantee a consistent experience at world scale? The answer is that it is absolutely not certain you will actually improve the overall experience.

All regions are not served equally by Cloud Service Providers

Leading cloud computing services (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Computing as examples) are underserving some markets. While Latin America, Africa and the Middle East are poorly covered in cloud infrastructure, other more subtle regional differences exist.
CDN providers’ regional coverage also varies massively. Depending on the geographical spread of your user base, which providers you pick may end up with vast differences in experience.

All applications do not cope with latency in the same way

Your application profile (and your transaction profiles) can be sensitive or not to latency between your users and your resources.

Defining your strategy for an application global coverage requires: 

  • Precise and permanent visibility on your users
  • Knowledge of the performance of CDN and cloud providers for the different regions

Kadiska recommends the best way to serve your markets

Kadiska is designed to help you scale your digital offering to address all of your markets at a global scale.
With a zero touch implementation, Kadiska will help your team: 

  • Understand user profiles
  • Analyze usage depending on the geography, understand where users suffer
  • Track the factors of poor performance based on their specific client side infrastructure and operator. 
  • Leverage Kadiska’s global network of performance stations to make sure your digital platform responds to its best from hundreds of locations worldwide. 
  • For each of the regions, benchmark your CDN and cloud computing strategy vs the one of your peers. This identifies opportunities to upgrade experience.

Measure the performance of your CDN and CSPs in function of your audience

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