Managing performance with an unpredictable network connectivity

Using public networks comes with a higher number of performance factors, less control and more dynamic and random behaviors:

Many network layers between your users and the cloud services

Your traffic will go through a series of local, cellular and wifi networks, through the users’ ISP network and then a series of AS (Autonomous Systems) to finally reach each of your resources in cloud infrastructure.

Change in BGP policiesand routes

Each autonomous system can update its BGP policies, affecting their own reachability as well as the network path of those using their network to reach another destination.

Consider the connectivity to the multiple services of your app

Routes to access the different services which compose your digital service: DNS, CDN – Content Delivery Network, edge, cloud-hosted resources. Network connectivity does not correspond to a single route but a combination of services whose connectivity must be optimized for each of your users group.

Unpredictable loadon public networks

Although each operator strives to plan the adequate capacity, the load on public networks and on each router is almost unpredictable. It will be affected by too many factors to be modeled appropriately. At any given time a router, a peering or a transit point can be overloaded causing both a degradation and potentially a change in the route used by your customers.

Tracking how these changes affect your users’ digital experience

  • Maintain and enhance the reachability of your platform
  • Give your team the right inputs to optimize your cloud, edge, CDN strategy
  • Fine tune your BGP routing policy to shorten the access path and network response times between users and application resources.

Kadiska helps you act for a better network performance

Kadiska delivers network performance monitoring for services using public internet network :

Permanently monitor the path from all significant operators to your platform, identify any change in path or latency and alerts your team in real time.

  • Automatically provides a path visualization tool for all of your key resources from hundreds of points around the globe: DNS, CDN, edge and cloud-based resources.
  • Shows exactly where on the path BGP updates and internet conditions are affecting your users traffic.
  • Suggest opportunities to optimize performance. If any of your peers has implemented a more efficient CDN or cloud hosting plan for a user segment, Kadiska will let you know.

Showing the internet path from users to application

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