What are the problems solved by Kadiska?

Traditional performance monitoring struggle to address modern apps: 

Kadiska delivers 100% visibility on modern applications.
Traditional APM solutions struggle to instrument new type of cloud infrastructure such as PaaS (Platform as a Service), CDNs and 3rd party services, that drive the experience of your customers.

Kadiska adapts automatically to applications developed using Agile methodologies and DevOps practices
Modern apps rely on  CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment) processes and tools to accelerate the release of new features. 

Kadiska monitors digital performance at true global scale.
Applications are built to support businesses at a large or global scale. Both cloud hosted services, DNS, CDNs and 3rd party services operate with different level of performance depending on the region and the connectivity available locally.

What Kadiska offers

Visibility on user experience at any time

  • Understand usage patterns (where, volume, what transactions are they using)
  • Measure load times, interactivity and processing times
  • Track errors impacting users

Guided performance troubleshooting

  • Automatically detect the scope of a degradation: when (what changed vs your baseline), for which users (device type, browser, geo location), why (which part got degraded - network, server, content loading, errors)
  • Guide your team to the root cause through AI based drill down processes: network, DNS, network path, latency / loss, TLS, server, content loading, poor compression / caching, CDN/3P performance

Proactive alerting by a global network of test stations

  • Managed performance stations testing your app permanently at all layers (DNS, Network, TLS, HTTP)
  • Leverage a worldwide network of test points to identify any regional issue 
  • Receive real time alerts with clear insights on the root cause

Enhance user experience

  • Identify performance hogs
  • Pinpoint infrastructure layer where an optimization can be achieved
  • Get recommendations to optimize CDN and cloud computing platform based on peer benchmarks

What’s unique about Kadiska?

Kadiska can monitor the experience of your users wherever they are, connecting to all apps.

Map user performance

Grasp the experience of your customers and partners, track change in time and understand how geographical location influences their user performance.

Digital Experience Monitoring Overview

Combine real user analytics and deep dive testing

Get a 360° visibility on digital experience by combining real user transaction data and deep dive testing to make the drill down from a high level view of user experience to the details impacting each infrastructure layer between your users and your platform.

Digital Experience Monitoring combining Real user monitoring and deep dive synthetic testing

Global test infrastructure

Benefit in a single click of tests performed by hundreds of performance vantage points spread all over the world to replicate the infrastructure conditions experienced by your customers.

Global performance testing infrastructure

100% visibility on user-to-app path

Get a 100% visibility on the network path from your users to all the elements involved in your platform: CDN, cloud services, 3rd party, APIs, your cloud infrastructure.

User to cloud path
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