Kadiska’s core benefits

Enhance digital experience

Enhance user experience to cloud services and SaaS
Maximize business efficiency, conversion and sales

Take your digital apps at global scale

Ensure global coverage

Test your application platform reachability from anywhere in the world

Optimize the network path

Make sure your network and infrastructure path from users to your digital platform allow the best possible experience

What’s at stake in digital performance


Drop in conversion rate observed for each additional second of load time.


Organizations rely on Software as a service to run their day to day operations.

Customer experience, conversion and churn

International expansion

Cloud and CDN cost / performance balance

SaaS and Third party performance

Discover how Kadiska can help

SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) / DevOps / Digital Teams

IT Operations

SaaS Providers

IoT Providers

Service Providers

Discover how Kadiska helps you solve
your Performance challenges

How to monitor end user experience for cloud based applications?

How to ensure the availability of your app at global scale?

How to troubleshoot performance degradations

How to monitor the internet reachability of your digital platform?

How to maximize performance between objects and IOT platforms?

How to monitor the experience of my SaaS and cloud services users?

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