24 x 7 World scale Network Performance Monitoring

Kadiska constantly monitors the performance of your network and digital platform from hundreds of locations through the Internet to provide insights on where hogs are occurring and lead your to faster optimization of the Internet reachability of your apps.

  • Automated testing from hundreds of user locations and operators in the world to your digital resources (CDNs, applications, 3rd party resources)
  • Synthetic testing of all layers impacting digital experience (DNS, local and wireless network, latency and loss, network path, CDNs, digital platform)
  • Layer 3 network path visualization: make sure you track routing changes, network congestion and latency/loss degradations.
  • Observe the impact of BGP policy optimization and routing table optimizations on the access to all your resources
  • DNS availability, performance and integrity
  • Application level testing: understand in details how a browser is rendering the application from anywhere in the world
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