Instantly spot degradations which differ from normal variations, exclude outliers and guide your team towards a fast resolution


  • User geolocation: in which countries or cities are they connected? which operators (identified by their ASN) are they using to reach the internet?
  • Resource location (application, CDN, 3rd party) and what is the path used for users to reach them


Which user transactions are generating slow response or application errors? which resources inside these pages became less reachable (CDN, application, 3rd party scripts)? what are the characteristics of the users who are impacted (operating system, user agent)?


Discern when the issue started, if it occurred in the past or corresponds to a recurring issue


Understand the infrastructure or application layer which is causing pages / transactions to be processed slowly

  • Local processing
  • DNS resolutions taking place before the http request
  • Network path from your users to your different resources from their local / GSM / Wifi network through the internet / transit and peering points to your platforms
  • Network latency and packet loss
  • TLS / SSL session setup
  • Server processing times or time to first byte – TTFB for each resource
  • Data transfer
  • Browser rendering

Kadiska pinpoints right away the source of your performance leak by showing which behavior change drives the degradation.

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