Visualize the end to end experience of your users wherever they are!

User experience monitoring, end to end!

  • Get a high level view of customer experience
  • Understand the evolution of end to end performance from the end user’s web browser to all server side resources
  • Identify response time evolution that differs from your usual baseline
  • Break down page load times into more detailed performance drivers:
    • client side performance indicators (DNS lookup, network path, latency and packet loss, proxy performance and browser rendering)
    • server side performance indicators (server side rendering on CDN services – content delivery network, or on edge / cloud computing platforms, third party resources)
  • Identify immediately performance leaks and application errors, when and where they are taking place

Understand the usage patterns of your application

  • Understand the spread of your users by geographic location
  • Identify peak and low usage depending on the time and the day
  • Track how user and transaction volumes evolve through time and distinguish normal usage patterns from change in trend
  • Transactions set: understand user requests and associated end user experience
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