SaaS Performance Monitoring

Most IT departments have migrated the majority of their apps to SaaS platforms, while most of their observability and performance management tools are unable to keep track of SaaS application performance. Kadiska fills the gap and brings accurate performance monitoring for SaaS applications.

SaaS Performance as real users experience it

Most performance monitoring solutions claim to monitor SaaS applications using synthetic scenarios. They fail to evaluate the performance of SaaS applications within the usage complexity of these applications and the variety of user context that influence user performance.
Kadiska measures response times and errors for every user, every transaction and places all the resulting performance analytics  in the perspective of the connectivity, security perimeter and use of the applications. Kadiska reveals SaaS performance as users truly experience it and provide a clear path to troublesghooting, fixing performance degradations and optimize the access to SaaS applications.

Grasp the complexity of SaaS platforms and user redirections

SaaS platforms are far more complex than traditional applications:

  • Designed for a global coverage and redirect users to local nodes based on their locations
  • Distributed apps: these applications apps are by nature distributed across a great variety of hosts

Kadiska keeps track of the performance of each hosts in SaaS applications and the potential issues related to cloud redirections.

Modern applications and Single Page Applications

Most SaaS applications are Single Page Applications and cannot be monitored like traditional web applications focusing on page load times as the reference metric for user experience.
The user performance on modern applications rely on keeping tracking of API calls and how their results are rendered to users.

SaaS path monitoring

The path between users and SaaS platforms necessarily incorporate a collection of internet networks. Kadiska evaluates the impact of the end-to-end path from users to SaaS, including corporate and cloud gateways (SASE) and keeps track of any evolution to provide the root cause to any performance degradation.

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