Visualize the end to end experience of your users wherever they are!

Ubiquitous user performance monitoring: On-site - Work from Home - Remote

Keep track of the response times and errors experienced by your users, wherever they are working from.

  • Enable your helpdesk to fix performance degradations impacting user productivity
  • Understand the impact of workplace context on user performance
  • Track application usability for all users
  • Find ways to optimize remote working performance

Kadiska measures performance from the exact location where users are, precisely under the circumstances that your users experience.

Monitor all applications: internal, 3rd party and SaaS

Keep track of response times for all apps

  • Wherever they are hosted
  • Whether you know where they are hosted or not
  • Whether you have control on them

Kadiska tracks the performance of self-hosted, cloud-hosted, SaaS and third party applications in the same way, from the user’s perspective.

Performance in borderless networks

Kadiska highlights the influence all the infrastructure components impacting user experience, including modern borderless security:

  • VPN
  • Corporate gateways
  • CASBs
  • SASE

Kadiska will track the overall impact and will allow you to detect anomalies, malfunctions and unexpected performance impacts.

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