What is Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)?

Digital Experience Monitoring tracks the interaction between users / connected objects and platforms delivering digital applications and services.

It takes over from application performance monitoring APM and End User Experience Monitoring EUEM which failed to adjust to environments where applications first rely on cloud services (such as IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, edge computing and content delivery networks CDN) and are connected to their users through a variety of public networks including internet.

Cloud native services are key to accelerate digital transformation.

They leverage the cloud to its maximum extent to:

  • allow their business to become more agile
  • shorten their time to market
  • accelerate the global reach of their offerings
  • focus their efforts on their core business
  • ensure sufficient scalability while optimizing their economics.

In a digitalized world, user experience becomes a business driver.

Regardless of the way you have deployed your digital platform, the experience of users will drive the performance of your business:

  • error rates and load times affect e-commerce efficiency
  • rendering speeds affect user adoption and productivity
  • how close you get to real time makes your IOT offering relevant or irrelevant.

Digital Experience Monitoring gives you visibility on the end to end performance:from your users to your cloud platform

Make sure your team can:

  • Gain visibility on the customer experience and end user performance wherever these are located
  • Run root cause analysis (RCA) of performance leaks on all the delivery chain
  • Drive cost and performance optimization

Kadiska = DEM for modern digital platforms

Digital platforms rely on cloud providers for their infrastructure but need to control the user behavior and experience. Legacy performance monitoring tools (APM, NPMD, EUEM) are not fit for these environments.

No control on systems and networks in  cloud platforms

Encrypted traffic forbids any visibility on applications

Distributed applications (CDNs, Edge, 3rd parties and cloud)

Accelerated change (CI/CD and Agile development)

Kadiska provides full visibility to digital businesses that leverage the cloud and
need to have full control of the digital experience.

Kadiska's platform

Kadiska’s capabilities are powered by a sophisticated AIOps platform.

Analytics engine

Kadiska's analytics engine stores and manages the digital experience data:

  • Customer experience data
  • Shared internet and cloud performance data
  • Machine learning processes to provide experience insights, alerts and guided diagnostics
  • APIs to configure and request data
  • An intuitive user interface

Performance metric generators

  • Real user monitoring data collected from your users and objects
  • Customer dedicated stations which perform infrastructure and application tests
  • Kadiska's global network of stations
Digital Experience monitoring

Our DEM Expertise at your service

Kadiska’s service includes access to our expert desk to help your team diagnose performance leaks and find optimizations. This service is powered by high end consultants with unrivalled experience in internet routing/BGP, CDN, hosting and digital platform management.

What’s unique about Kadiska’s DEM?

Kadiska is radically different from other DEM solutions; Here is why.

Kadiska is deployed instantly on any web application.

  • 800 managed stations testing the performance of your applications from anywhere around the globe. Container based stations can be deployed as additional test points in your own environment
  • Non intrusive experience tracking script to collect the performance of your real users
  • Multiple data sets integrated into a single analytics platform: real user monitoring, synthetic testing, active testing of the different Infrastructure layers
  • Zero touch deployment and self driving maintenance: all of this requires no resources from your team to run

Kadiska makes this vast amount of monitoring data easily consumable with minimal resources.

  • Guided troubleshooting: Kadiska lets you know directly about degradations, their scope and their root cause.
  • Automated baselining: Kadiska identifies trends automatically. You do not have to do any manual analysis. Kadiska distinguishes a value which is abnormally high from one which is usually high.
  • Peer benchmark: Kadiska constantly compares the performance of your platform to similar platforms; this way, you understand how you rank and can improve experience.
  • Optimization recommendations: based on the profile of your apps and users, Kadiska automatically flags experience optimization opportunities to focus on.

Kadiska’s analytics capabilities are unique:

  • Correlate multiple data sources to provide a high level visibility on the end to end application delivery chain and deliver root cause analysis
  • Leverage Machine Learning to deliver guided troubleshooting, trend detection and optimization recommendations.
  • Combine data collected for our customers and from our global station network to detect trends and opportunities for optimization
  • Deliver this as a service through a 100% automated deployment and self-driven maintenance
  • The scalability of its analytics platform is best in class

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